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22 Feb, 2011

Update February  23, 2011

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A lot of things has happened since the last update.

Throughout 2011, we have produced several singer song writers,
and helped them full fill their dream.
It has been awesome. Many tracks has gone through the system, and we have gained a lot of experience.
At the moment, we are working on the new Billy the Mountain album.

And we are also recording and producing and album for Jeremy Occhipinti.

Both projects are schedule to be released in april/may,

A few significant investments.
Focal Twin 6 BE, monitors. These have already improved our mixes vastly.

A Tundra Pol-8 ribbon microphone, makes those guitars sit well in a mix.
A new computer, and an Apple 27″ Led display, has improved the workflow.
Our own brand, Tsar guitars, custom made guitar are being handmade.

Lastly, we have just changed host. 3ix, really let us us down. We had many problems along the way.
But the last drop was a 8 day down period, without any explanation, or apology.
The new host is now in place, and wee hope everything runs smooth from now on.

Thats all for now, have a great 2011.

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