Paradise Productions Bangkok

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Myanmar – Burmese dubbing.

We focus on quality dub, with comprehensive and creative translations.
In our experience, translators are an essential part of a quality dubbing team.
Our voice talents are experienced, and we always make a huge effort to match the voices perfectly.
And we have specialized singers and song writers on the team, who makes any song come alive.

We can handle :

– Documentaries

– Animations

– Live Action, series and programs.

– Feature movies.

As well as, TVC – IVR – E learning – White boards – Internet speaks.
Whatever your needs are, we can handle it.

We do prefer to handle the whole process, incl translation and mix.

It is our experience, that the product benefits of having the same engineers,
translators and voice talents through out the process.

Please contact us for a quote or a sample.

We can also do a short sample for free if you prefer that.

Contact us.